I’ve been trying to write this week. As I’ve mentioened, our pastor is on sabbatical. In his absence, I was asked to facilitate our midweek Lenten services and to use the opportunity to introduce our congregation to World Mission Prayer League and to explore the way of the cross from the perspective of an international fellowship. I’ve taken most all this week to retreat from the office, seek some places with less distraction and few interruption, so that I can focus an prep for the coming weeks.

Four days in and I’ve done little more than hit a wall. I’ve come to realize that it has been at least three years since I have regularly engaged in this work of program planning, devotional writing, worship prep, etc. For three years, I have been honing computer skills, pushing code about, and troubleshooting tech issues around our office. It seems I am somewhat directionally challenged in these days and am finding it quite difficult to find my way back into the mindset of creative spirituality.

Please, pray for me today, tomorrow, and throughout Lent as I prepare these evenings of worship and prayer. Thank you.