Our days in Cape Town have been quite filled with preparations for the journey to Malawi. Dieter and I have had opportunity for a few insightful conversations with one another and with a few others who are interested in the mission of freeWord (all of whom have previously engaged in community Bible life alongside the Doyles in Mozambique or Malawi through the mission of 72°). I will have to return to explore the themes that have surfaced in our conversations as they revolve significantly around objectives of the trip and how we intend to focus our prayers during this time.

It turns out there will be a family (Evald, Bronwynn, and their two-year-old, Sophie) traveling with us who had worked with Dieter and Angi on a previous freeWord trip to Mozambique. They have family in Namwera whom they will stay with for most of the duration of our time in Malawi. Dieter is quite encouraged by this as it means this will turn out to be more than simply a “survey” trip. We have opportunity to walk alongside this couple (for a short time) as they investigate possibilities for missionary service. We intend to practice freeWord life together.

We’ve also set an itinerary for the coming days which is quite packed with travel. We initially thought to depart on Tuesday, but have since decided On Monday evening. Here’s the rough trajectory of our trip.

Thank you for your many prayers. Please join us as we continue to seek clarity and discernment regarding the mission of free word. You’ll be pleased to know that I have successfully driven on the left side of the road and have tonight enjoy a dinner of warthog pie. Many thanks to our hosts Jason & Gillian. And finally here a few photos from Cape Town. A most blessed day to all.