A primary destination for our journey to Malawi has been the northern town of Mzuzu. While filling the vehicle this morning and topping fluids, Dieter mentioned to our attendant (his name is Blessing) the long trip ahead. Blessing shared that he comes from Malawi – specifically Mzuzu. After inquiring of our intentions for travel and hearing that we are on a missionary trip with an aim toward identifying avenues of engagement in Malawi and possible partnerships, he asked if we might have interest in connecting with a trustworthy pastor friend. We now have this pastors name and number and plan to connect during our time in Mzuzu.

We’ve been praying that God might give us connections and a line of sight into the current happenings of the Church in Malawi. I think this Blessing may well be one avenue toward such understanding. It shouldn’t be surprising that God answers our prayers – but what joy to see confirmation of His faithfulness as we seek His way each day.

Dieter Doyle

Prayer, like gravity, brings everything into God’s order and keeps it there.