It’s true.

We’ve another baby on the way!

We’ve known for several weeks, but have only just slowly been letting the news out. Adrienne had a visit to the midwife today and heard a healthy heartbeat of 157. A few weeks ago, after telling the kids, Simeon drew our family and, when having Adrienne label us, he pointed to the dot in her tummy as “another Isaiah.”


Drawing of our family w/ Pip IV by Simeon

This little one is at 12 weeks today with a due date of June 15. So, still too early to determine boy or girl (and not sure whether we’ll find out). I suppose we’ll start welcoming name suggestions.

Some of you know that we currently live in a small apartment. What does this mean for our living arrangement? I suppose something … though it’s still up in the air. We do know that adding one to the joyful chaos of three growing kids presses this issue to the forefront for us. We welcome you to come alongside us as we pray into this and we’ll keep you updated. Trusting God, we remain alert to the horizon and faithful to the task before us.

Join us again in praising God as He fills our quiver with this blessing of life.