Proverbs 16:9
A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

This is a verse that Chuck regularly brought before us during recent meetings in deliberation and discernment of the next steps for freeWord. In recent days, we have indeed found it to ring true in our hearts, minds, and the daily happenings about us.

Our God is one of wonder and mystery. He resides just as much in the veiled as in the unveiled. His ways are so often beyond us.

At this point, any productive and fruitful trip into Malawi has being squeezed out by time. The alternator on the vehicle has been repaired, but we’ve been informed that previous repairs to the rear differential have proved insufficient. We hope to limp back to Cape Town and return to the mechanic so that he might make good on his work. The reality is, having no reliable vehicle, we are unable to reach Malawi.

And, beyond such practical concerns, we are increasingly convinced that God intends a return to Cape Town for the laying of groundwork for freeWord in and from that place.

We have received a consensus of affirmation that such a course of action seems good and right. Both of our families, along with a few close prayer supporters encourage us toward Cape Town. God is turning us around. I think we aim to depart on Sunday. For what purpose He brought us here to Kroonstad, to see a vehicle broken and Sophie hospitalized, we may never know. I do know this, He has been faithful to care for us amidst the storm. We can only imagine the outcomes had we broken down even 30 more kilometers down the road or in the middle of Zimbabwe. He has cared for Sophie. He has cared for us. We have been welcomed by such a lovely couple. Eddie and Jeane have wholly opened their home and hearts to us strange and weather-beaten travelers. We are so grateful! Through it all, He has proven faithful. We may not know His ways, but we know Him – and we know Him to be faithful.

Here is an abridged overview of how we intend to occupy our time upon this return to Cape Town:

  • Envisioning the experience of one engaged in the freeWord community.
  • Mapping a course of involvement.
  • Identifying potential gathering places.
  • Identifying potential communities for cross-cultural engagement.
  • Looking at the Prayer League distinctives and how they are outworked through freeWord.
  • Sketching a draft of a freeWord brochure.
  • Preparing a presentation/report for council.

Already during our time together, we have gathered together a number of thoughts and considerations regarding practical steps for freeWord. Pray that we might find a vehicle and accommodation upon our return to Cape Town. May God guide us as we look to faithfully steward this time and opportunity with which we’ve been graced. May He lead you to steward the same.