Description + Shortcode + Custom Settings + Plugin Support + Add A Prayer


The Amen plugin adds prayer request or custom tweet functionality to WordPress. I am currently in process of revamping how this plugin is structured. Await updates … sometime.


[[amen]]  (List and/or manage prayer requests.)


[[amen type="manage"]]  (Display management form and list. Also on admin page.)
[[amen type="bookmarked"]]  (List requests bookmarked by user.)

Users can bookmark or un-bookmark any request by clicking on it.

[[amen type="personal"]]  (List personal requests of user.)
[[amen exclude="author,counter,tweet,date,others"]] (Exclude element(s) from display.)
[[amen page="page-id"]] (List prayers tagged with a specific page id.)
[[amen author="username1,username2"]] (Comma-separated authors limit list.)
[[amen count="integer"]] (Integer value to list specific number of requests.)
[[amen title="text"]] (Display title for list.)
[[amen random="true"]] (Select random requests & random order. Best used with count.)
[[amen id="Amen-ID1,Amen-ID2"]] (Display entries with specific id(s).)
[[amen noid="Amen-ID1,Amen-ID2"]] (Exclude entries with specific id(s).)
[[amen submit="text"]] (Override counter submit text. Accepts {count}, {count+1}, {count-1}, {s}, {1s})
[[amen state1="text"]] (Override counter state one. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
[[amen state2="text"]] (Override counter state two. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})
[[amen state3="text"]] (Override counter state three. Accepts {count}, {count-1}, {count+1}, {s}, {1s})


[[amen author="UaMV" count="2" random="true" noid="42"]]

(Displays two random prayers from UaMV, excludes entry 42)

[amen author=”UaMV” count=”2″ random=”true” noid=”42″]

[[amen id="42" exclude="author,tweet,date"
state1="{count} visitor{s} like{1s} this quote."
submit="Join them." state2="Thanks for being the first like!"
state3="Thanks! {count} visitor{s} likes this."]]

(Displays entry 42. Disables author & tweet display. Renders custom text.)

[amen id=”42″ exclude=”author,tweet,date” state1=”{count} visitor{s} like{1s} this quote.” submit=”Join them.” state2=”Thanks for being the first like!” state3=”Thanks! {count} visitor{s} like{1s} this.”]

Custom Settings

Privacy & Moderation public posting
disable public management
private posting (visible to logged in users)
personal posting (visible only to poster)
require approval for all public requests
require approval for all requests
disable approval notifications
send approval notification to email(s)
Submission & Management submission form (title, button, note)
title for management form
display author as
public user name
show/hide date
Counter Customization enable/disable
displayed text
Tweeting allow/disallow tweeting
tweet via
custom hashtag
tweet type (hashtag or page share)
show hashtag in tweet
add author name
custom ID for URL
Weekly Prayer Notifications enable/disable
from email
management page URL
Database keep options on removal
keep database tables on removal
custom table prefix (advanced: integrates single-site & MU)
Page Tagging allowed users
allowed pages

Plugin Support

Please, direct support question to the official WordPress Support Forum.

Together in Prayer

If you’d like us to join you in prayer, give the public front-end of the plugin a try. You can enter a request below. A full list of recent prayers submitted to the Prayer League can be found here.

[amen type=”manage” exclude=”others”]