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Christmas 2013

The Minnesota Vanderclan took a quick trip to Indiana this past week. Long trip down, long trip back, and much joy had in the meantime! We opted for a somewhat lighter schedule of events than we have had in past years and are healthier for it. So thankful for the many folks we were able […]

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An Invitation…For Us, For You

In June of 2012 our family joined the greater World Mission Prayer League family when the Directorate invited us to become Missionary Candidates. ¬†Yesterday, we had the privilege of appearing before the WMPL Home Council and were officially invited to join them, no longer as “candidates,” but as full time Missionaries, currently assigned to the […]

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Time Away

After weeks (ok, maybe months is more accurate) on end of busyness at work, the 10-11 teams are trained and on the road, and we earned 6 days of comp time to do with as we please.¬† Ua & i met up with his folks in Door County, WI, on Monday and Tuesday, and we […]

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