After weeks (ok, maybe months is more accurate) on end of busyness at work, the 10-11 teams are trained and on the road, and we earned 6 days of comp time to do with as we please.  Ua & i met up with his folks in Door County, WI, on Monday and Tuesday, and we had a lovely time–stayed in a log cabin, walked the beaches, looked at lighthouses, browsed a few shops, played games together, slept a bit…and to add insult to injury, i FINALLY found our camera charger, and then we left the camera at home.  So.  Verna, of course remembered her camera and you can see pictures of our couple of days together here.  As for the rest of the week on our own, we splurged on a $4, no flash, point-and-shoot, REAL FILM camera from a gas station, and once we get them developed, and on a CD, you can find them here…with a few stories surrounding them.

We pray you are well, and we think of you much more often than we are able to see you or speak with you.

Christ’s love,

<>< AV