Have the lowest score when play ends.

Game Setup

Designed for 5 players. (Note: Can play from 2-player to 5-player.)

Designed with a standard 52-card deck.

Distribute cards face-up until first club determines player to begin with deal. (Exception: If any player’s name is Carly, they have the option of choosing first deal.) After all players have dealt exactly once, players decide the game-ending score from all multiples of 11.

Hand Setup

Deal nine cars per players. Deal three cards face up and separate four cards from any remaining. (see Figure 1)

Figure 1

Figure 1

Card One (nearest to draw deck) determines trump suit.

Card Two determines

  1. slough [sluhf] suit. (see Scoring)
  2. maximum number of cards each player may discard prior to hand play. Player to dealer’s left may discard, up to allowable limit, and declares the number of cards being discarded. Discarding continues to left until all players have had opportunity. (see Hand Determinations)
  3. point at which trump becomes effective. (see Hand Determinations)

    (Note: Trump may be played prior to this: yet, it has no power.)

Card Three determines the target number of tricks to win. (See Hand Determinations)

(Note: If the three face-up cards are all of the same suit, then, prior to both hand play and discarding, each player, beginning with player to the left of dealer and continuing left, has opportunity to swap a card of the same suit from their hand with one that is face-up.)

(Note: Anyone offering or accepting cut is penalized one point – added after hand play scoring.)

Hand Determinations

Card Throw
(# of Tricks to Win)
Trump Effective
A 1 1 after 3rd trick
K 0 7 after 4th trick
Q 4 6 Immediately
J 4 6 Immediately
10 4 5 Immediately
9 3 5 after 1st trick
8 3 4 after 1st trick
7 3 4 after 1st trick
6 2 3 after 2nd trick
5 2 3 after 2nd trick
4 2 2 after 2nd trick
3 1 2 after 3rd trick
2 1 1 after 3rd trick

Hand Play

Player to dealer’s left leads first trick by playing one card face-up. Trump suit may not be led until trump is broken. Play continues left. Players must, if able, follow suit set by leader of each trick.

Trick winner is determined by highest ranked trump card (provided trump is effective), else, highest rank of suit led. Trick winner collects the trick and leads ensuing trick. For each of the first four tricks, winner must draw one card from the draw deck.

Hand play continues until any player uses all cards. Scores are then tallied. (see Scoring)


At the end of hand play, each player scores

  1. the difference between the target number of trick and the number of tricks they actually won.

    (ex. Target number of tricks is set at three. Player A takes two tricks, scoring one point. Player B takes three tricks scoring zero points. Player C takes five tricks, scoring two points.)

  2. one point for every card remaining in their hand, excluding those of the slough suit.

If a player is able to “Go Nov [nōv]” (i.e. score exactly the set game-ending score), then, after completion of all hand scoring, they receive a new score equal to the average of all other players scores and play continues.

Game Play

After each hand, deal continues left. Game ends when a player surpasses the set game-ending score.


Game Concept: Joshua Vandercar
Development & Testing: Dave Peet, Carly Peet, Jenny Gebhart, Luke Kuenzli
Creative Commons License
Ui77 by Joshua Vandercar is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.