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His Story Unites Us

For nearly 50 years, Youth Encounter has partnered with Christian communities to strengthen youth ministry. Today, we are able to look back on and celebrate countless stories of transformation within the lives of young people, families, churches, and communities. These are the stories of God at work among His people. Through all, runs the thread of the love of […]

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One Contemplative Moment

Once upon a rare moment, you are ushered into a place where reality is inescapable. This morning, for but a few minutes, I (and others) had opportunity to video chat with the Doyle family (Dieter, Angi, Jarryd, Ashley, Judah) and the team they are guiding into an experience of disciple-making mission from their home of […]

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Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to lead worship for the 2013-2014 Youth Encounter teams. What a powerful message they have to share this year! The theme which will be guiding their encounters this year is taken from First Chronicles 29:11 … Yours. Then, yesterday, during our morning prayer time, our good friend, Dieter, led […]

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