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Cafesjians Carousel

Today, after church, we had a picnic lunch of PBJ under shade of a tree. The kids had a foot race to the rock across the field and we sent the kite out full-line. Then, before a walk through Como Zoo, I sat next Simeon on the 1914 vintage Cafesjians Carousel. Aelah rode the horse in front of […]

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I love this girl’s style! She is creative. It’s difficult to see the blanket she has tucked in for the back side of her skirt, but it’s there.

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Floor Time

Enjoying some Sunday afternoon floor time with this little guy. He’s figured sitting this past week and is managing something more like a crawl than the hopping he’d been up to lately.  

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Angel Smile

With three sick kids, we weren’t able to make candlelight service tonight. Hoping for tomorrow. Here’s a shot of Aelah from her first children’s program last week. Merry Christmas, with peace and joy, to you and yours!

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