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Talks on the Soul of a Christian

Jesus Christ’s entering in means absolute chaos concerning the way I have been looking at things, a turning of everything upside down. It took some time, but I’ve made it through another. This book seemed to have less of a common thread running throughout, though the quotation above may capture it best. Reading again through […]

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Thy Great Redemption

What does it mean that our Lord has redeemed creation? I read this little booklet months ago and have been stuck on a stretch of non-writing. I’ve had these quotes sitting here ready to be published, but haven’t gotten around to adding my two cents. I think I’ll pass on doing so this time in […]

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Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to lead worship for the 2013-2014 Youth Encounter teams. What a powerful message they have to share this year! The theme which will be guiding their encounters this year is taken from First Chronicles 29:11 … Yours. Then, yesterday, during our morning prayer time, our good friend, Dieter, led […]

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