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Pledge Not

I pledge not allegiance to the power of the disparate parties of America, nor to the corporation for which it would stand, one nation under fear, with liberty and justice for some.

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Ignite Our Mission

Glory of God, O, glory of God – Pierce the night, Immortal light, arisen; Breaking death’s dark prison. After forty days – To heaven raised. O, glory of God. Glory of God. Amen, ignite our mission.

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The Amen Spoken

Glory of God, O, glory of God – At Bethlehem, In mortal man, awoken; Now, the body broken. ‘Neath a crown of thorns, The temple torn. O, glory of God. Glory of God. Christ, the Amen spoken.

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Stand fast in the faith Be brave, Be strong First Corinthians 16:13 Fight then as a warrior Yes, fight now as a man Wield your weapons true For in the end to stand

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