Summer has come and gone, and we are now getting quite settled in to autumn…and in to life at the World Mission Prayer League (WMPL). As a family living and serving at the home office, we have been richly welcomed into this community of Fellow Workers. By beautiful and humble examples, in our short time here our faith and our practice of the discipline of prayer have been nurtured and strengthened–as a family, and as individuals.

As Electronic Media Coordinator, Joshua continues to acclimate himself to life in the office, learning all of the systems that help the office to run and to communicate with our constituents. He enjoys spending his time trying to enhance and improve these systems, that the Gospel may be more clearly communicated—and more far-reaching–in this inter-connected, technology-driven world in which we find ourselves.

I am spending a bit of my time creating meaningful opportunities for WMPL staff to be in community with one another, that God may nurture their relationships, and make their work time together effective. Most of my time, however, is spent with our ever-growing daughter, now already 7 ½ months, and helping to guide her along her way as she begins to crawl, stand, and soon, walk. Our prayer for Aelah is that she may walk every day confident in the love that Jesus Christ has for her, and for the whole world. May she always be ready and willing to share it.

That love I spoke of, the love Christ has for the whole world, is what the World Mission Prayer League is truly all about, as I have seen over our first months here. I am privy to the happenings around the office and I watch daily as the Fellow Workers here share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this country, and as they support the Fellow Workers sharing the Gospel across the globe. I sit in on prayer times, and on missionary sending gatherings and watch many faithful, fervent pray-ers as they join God in His mission–that all people would come to know Him as God and Savior.

Would you join in God’s mission as well? Maybe you already have. If so, we rejoice! Is there a way we can support the work God is doing through you? Let us know. Send prayer requests here and we will gladly lift up your work to the Lord.

Are you looking for another way to join in God’s Kingdom work? Maybe God is calling you to join WMPL in some way; maybe He’s calling you to pray, maybe to learn, maybe to give, or maybe to go. Learn more about these various opportunities for involvement here. To be involved in prayer for our family’s work, specifically, please see below.

Thank you sincerely for your loving support of our family and God’s work through us! May God bless you and keep you.


In Christ’s love,


October Prayer Points:

*Thank God for the new WMPL praying members that recently committed to prayer after connecting with WMPL staff at the LCMC convention in Colorado. May God be present as these pray-ers pray, and may He draw them ever closer to Him.

*There are many people who have yet to hear the Gospel! Ask God to send more workers—to WMPL, to other agencies, to neighborhoods, to work places, and to communities across the globe–and make himself known through them!

*Thank God for so graciously providing for our housing needs and living allowance!

*Ask God for persistence and guidance for Joshua as he spends many hours learning new programs and working on long-term projects.

*Ask God for discernment for Adrienne as she considers how to balance her ministry to Aelah and other ministry opportunities before her.

*Thank God for Aelah’s good health and demeanor, and ask that she grows up daily walking in the love of the Lord—and sharing it!