I’ve posted a good number of times regarding the spiritual journey we’ve been navigating in recent days. I’ve not done much to give you a glimpse of the culture I’m encountering here in South Africa. Here are a few points of interest that immediately come to mind:

  • Rugby is quite the popular sport. I’d caught a bit here and there prior to this visit. I’ve now watched my first full game and have learned the basics. Always much more enjoyable to watch a sport when you have a grasp of the rules. 
  • Biltong. It’s much like our jerky in the States, though not quite as dry.
  • Braai. An occasion of grilling meat – tasty meat. 
  • “Just now” doesn’t mean right now or immediately. It means after a little while. 
  • Disparity. There is an obvious and extreme disparity apparent most anywhere you look. Economic prosperity and need sit side by side and the lines are racially colored. 
  • The yellow line. When driving, yellow lines run the outside of a lane rather than down the center. It is also expected that you slide to the shoulder, allowing vehicles to overtake you, when they otherwise may not be able to. If another vehicle has accommodated you in such a way, it is proper to flash your hazards in acknowledgment. 
  • Metric … because it just makes good sense.

Ever been to South Africa? What cultural items do you most recall? Anything I should keep an eye out for before leaving?